I will always and forever love record shops..

Dear Blog-

I will always and forever love record shops. I love the wonderful nostalgia, old and new music coming together and finding new homes, the fact that this is still one of the few places that a person can be completely comfortable hanging and browsing for hours if desired.. amongst plenty of other enjoyable traits. 

That being said, I was psyched to receive an email from Creep Records located in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia, PA letting me know they are into my artwork, and asking if I'd like to hang some work in the shop. Umm.. yep. After gathering some pieces from my studio space that I thought would hang well in the available space, I headed in to install. A big blank wall that I could do anything with, you say??? Even bigger umm.. yep.

My work hangs in the shop with a pretty good crew of fellow artists/tattoo artists- Dave Fox, JAG13 (Jay Goldberg) just to name a few- and will be there for an indefinite amount of time. If you are in the Northern Liberties area, stop in and check it out.. rad shop, good people, support local.

All artwork is available online and over the phone- call with questions or interest.

Oh, and LONG LIVE RECORD SHOPS!!!!!!!!!!!

And it begins..

Kat Gun has done it. She has finally set up a new website after losing her old one and it feels so good. So good, in fact, that she is going to write in the third person like a nerd for this celebratory post.

Congrats, Kat. Thanks, Kat.